Basant Kumar Birla Distinguished Research Scholar Awards for Social Science and Management

About the Award

About the award

Basant Kumar Birla Distinguished Research Scholar Awards for Social Science and Management disciplines was instituted from the year 2019 by the Birla Academy of Arts and Culture, Kolkata in honour of the austere genius and visionary leader Late Basant Kumar Birla who built businesses and institutions enriching many lives. The award process will be managed by Director, Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater NOIDA. The awards will be given to outstanding academicians, professors, and research scholars, as judged by their research outputs in the form of papers in research journals during past five calendar years. The awards will be given every year to scholars working in India during the past five years in the areas of social science and management including:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ethical Practices
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family Business

A three-member jury will be constituted with diverse backgrounds and disciplines to screen the applications and select the awardees. The decision of the jury and the director, BIMTECH will be final and binding.

Selection Procedure

The screening will be two stage. First, eligibility of each entry will be verified. Next, applicant will be graded as per the points scored depending on the quality and rank of the journals in which research papers got published. From this shortlist, the jury will decide the awardees. The awards will be withheld if less than ten submissions are received or the quality and rigour of the submitted content was judged by the jury as inadequate to qualify as world-class.

The quantity and quality of research outputs during past five calendar years will be considered. The progression to higher level of quality among the research papers across the five years will be evaluated. For quality of journals the jury will follow FT50, Web of Science, SCOPUS, ABS, and ABDC lists.

These awards will acknowledge the highest level of consistent quality and improvement in research outputs. Awards may be withheld if jury members find quality to be lacking.

Minimum eligibility criterion is three publications as first author in FT50, ABDC A* or ABS 4 combined. Or total points of 18 or more from FT 50, journals with Impact factor of 8.0 and above, ABS 4*, ABS 4 and ABDC A* journals during the previous five calendar years of 2018 to 2022. Journals having Impact Factor of 8 and above and brought out by the six publishing houses: Elsevier, SAGE, Wiley, Springer, Cambridge UP, and Taylor & Francis will be considered even if they are not listed in ABDC or ABS.

The evaluation will solely be focused on published research papers in the areas of management and social sciences including Industry 4.0, Sustainability, CSR, Ethical Practices, Entrepreneurship, and Family Business. But the applicant may list papers in other areas as well.

Only those research papers will be taken into account which are published in high-quality journals listed/indexed in FT50, Web of Science, SCOPUS, ABS, ABDC, etc. While listing please provide the ISSN numbers of the journals. The review will be based on quality and not quantity. As a proof of publication submit the first page of the article.

Please avoid cluttering of the application. Do not list conference papers, papers in non-listed/indexed journals, books, book chapters, cases or any other awards.

For the journals which are published in online mode only, the date of first listing will be treated as the date of publication. For other journals which appear in print form, date and month of volume and issue will be taken as date of publication. For each article Digital Object Identifier must be provided.

Papers with the name of the applicant as the first author will fetch full points. If the name of the applicant appears not as the first author, 25% points will be less (see the table of points). Applicants should list all papers published in the aforesaid list of quality journals.

Awardees of a particular year will not be eligible to apply for the next three years. For example, 2019 awardees can only apply in 2023.

Contest for 2022 is Now Closed